St. Astvatsatsin (Surb Nshan) church of Yeghvard

   St. Astvatsatsin is located just in the centre of the town Eghvard. It is a two-storey church built in 1301, that is steeple visible from afar and an important 5th century ruined basilica. The walls of the church have rich decorations, the ground floor is notable for the cross-like vaults and the first one is interesting due to the cross-like schemes with a stalactic finishing hole instead of an apse. To get to the first floor stone stairs and a wooden staircase are used. The second floor stands out with exceptional richness of decorations. The decorations of the monument, different geometrical and animal motives, beautifully processed cornices devide the ground floor from the first floor. The most important is the western side of the church where ther are numerous  decorations in the form of angels and saints, most of which were painted. Most part of the decorations are on tiles, that are the works of the art of the  XIII-XIV centuries.

 Yeghvard Basilica Church

The ruins of a basilic church dated to the V century have been preserved and are situated just in the centre of the town.

 Surb Zoravar Church

Surb Zoravar church (Yegvard Teodoro’s monastery) is situated in the Kotayk Marz, 3 km to the North-east from the town Yeghvard. It was built by the ruler Grigor Mamikonyan (661-685). The southern part of the church and the vault no longer exist. The church was constructed with cinnamon-coloured shaved tuff. From outside the church bears the influence of Zvartnots.


St. Zoravar church.jpg